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Advertising and Marketing

What is the difference between advertising and marketing?  Advertising is a form of promotion delivered through paid selected media outlets such as; television, radio, digital advertising, out of doors advertising, print, email and cold calls.  Marketing however, is much broader and includes advertising under it's umbrella.  Research, Advertising, Sales, Public Relations and Customer Service and Satisfaction are all Marketing Activities.  You need to do your Research before you advertise, so you know who your target customers are and how to most effectively get your message to them.  If you've done your research and executed a successful advertising campaign, you will start to see Sales from those efforts.  There is still more marketing to do;  Public Relations is your ongoing relationship with the public.  Good press and community involvement or volunteering with service organizations helps to maintain a good reputation in your local community.  And last but perhaps most important, is Customer Service and Satisfaction.  Once someone has purchased goods or services from you, you want to make sure they are happy with the results.  Online surveys and face to face feedback is helpful.  Be attentive to questions or complaints.  So the short answer is, advertising is just one aspect of an overall marketing plan.