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Using Digital Video to Reach Your Audience

Reaching an attentive audience, is a goal when it comes to advertising.  If consumers aren't paying attention, then your campaign will most likely fall short. With the constant evolution of the digital landscape, this goal is becoming increasingly harder to reach.  We are experiencing a level of fragmentation like we have never seen before.  Reach and frequency is no longer the standard metric in advertising.  Changes in audience consumption habits, new devices, apps, and channels are leading to a high level of distraction. Once a consumer is distracted, the message is lost.  However, consumers are watching all forms of digital video content across all devices, all the time.  There is a high level of attention when a brand uses compelling creative that is relatable and speaks to a consumer needs.  It may be time to add Attention as the Fifth Key to increasing Mind and Market Share.

Social Media: Say Good-Bye to Organic Reach Platforms

First Facebook and now Instagram have changed their algorithms and marketers must keep up or will lose traction and reach with their consumers. Instagram has more than 400 million monthly users. Now that the general population can advertise on Instagram, it is adding an algorithm that reorders pictures into feeds.  With this new change, if you're not going to spend money, you had better make sure you have great content and a strategic plan in place. It's still not exactly clear how Instagram will push which posts into feeds.  But one can assume it will be based on interests and perhaps location.  Many Instagram users are not happy and are voicing their discontent, but most marketers saw this coming and have adjusted accordingly.